Wednesday, 2 April 2014

A close quarter and systematic observation of the pathetic situation of the children in the region led to the establishment of Childline, a 24 hours toll free emergency telephone service for the help of children in need. Purvanchal Gramin Seva Samiti (PGSS), through CHILDLINE focuses on the;

·         Most marginalized children in the city
·         Street children
·         Children in domestic work
CHILDLINE- Dosti Programme 
·         Children who have been abused
·         Child victims of the flesh trade
·         Differently abused children
·         Child addicts
·         Children in conflict with the law
·         Children in institutions, mentally ill children
·         Children affected by HIV/AIDS 
·         Children whose families are in crisis.

CHILDLINE aims at providing emergency to the needs of these children and then link them to long-term services. CHILDLINE also aims at strengthening the child protection system in the city by sensitizing the allied system on child rights and placing children on their agenda. In every city, CHILDLINE aims at voicing the concerns and issues of children to policy makers and thus advocate for services for children.

Open House Programme 
The unit is a joint venture of Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of India and CHILDLINE India Foundation (CIF), Mumbai working throughout the country. The Gorakhpur unit of CHILDLINE became functional since November 16, 2005 informally with a blessing by Most Rev. Dr.Dominic Kokkat, Bishop of Gorakhpur. The official inauguration of the unit took place on December 20, 2006 by Dr. Hari Om, District Magistrate of Gorakhpur.

Major Activities under CHILDLINE Programme

·     Registration of destitute children coming to CHILDLINE (only those children whose immediate need is transit-shelter)
·         Counseling for  the children
·         Reaching the children to their guardians if they are traced out.
·         Organizing social events like competitions and observance of significant days etc 
·         Media-meet.

·         Awareness programs at the streets 

Christmas Celebration at CHILDLINE Centre 
Puppet Shows in the street